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There is no fee unless and until you win


All fees in Social Security and SSI disability cases are set by Congress and must be approved by the Social Security Administration as part of the process when a case is won. Fees are 25% of any back benefit you receive. As of June 2009, the fee cap/maximum is $6,000. It will not be more than that for all our work through and including representing you at a hearing. If additional appeals are necessary beyond a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, the fee will be no greater than 25% of past due benefits.

In addition to the attorneys’ fee, if we win your case, we will bill you for costs incurred to obtain medical records while preparing your case. Those records might be located at hospitals, doctors’ offices, schools, or mental health facilities, among other places. Right now, in WA most facilities provide those records for free or a nominal cost.  In those cases, no costs will be incurred. But if the medical provider does charge a fee it is usually to copy your file, sometimes as much as 25 cents per page. Usually, medical records costs in a case are not more than $100 - $200.

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