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Can I receive SSDI in addition to Medicare/Medicaid?

Q: ​Can I receive Social Security disability benefits in addition to Medicare and/or Medicaid?

A: Everyone found disabled under the SSDI program is also eligible for Medicare after a 29-month waiting period (two years plus the five month mandatory waiting period). During this waiting period for Medicare, an individual may be eligible for health insurace through a former employer. THe employer should be contacted for information about health insurance coverage.

Typically, a SSI recipient is entitled to Medicaid. In most States, if you are approved for SSI, you are automatically approved for Medicaid. In other States, you must apply and establish eligibility for Medicaid separately at your local Medicaid office. Information on SSI and Medicaid in you State is abailable online. Itis possible to get both Medicare and Medicaid if you have a low income and limited resources.

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